7 Facebook Posting Tips for Small Businesses

Facebook is still the most popular social media website in the world which continues to make it a great marketing tool for small businesses.  However, as more restrictions are put in place on what small businesses can and cannot do (without paying), it becomes more important to occasionally re-visit some basics of Facebook posting.

1.  Don’t post too much. 

Posting too much is like trying to have a conversation with someone who talks too much, loudly and with little to no respect for one’s personal space.  You can take it for a few moments but it quickly becomes an overwhelming dialogue. On Facebook, if you overwhelm someone with your posts, their course of action will most likely be to unlike your page; something that will be nearly impossible for you to reverse.  Depending on your business, 2-4 posts per day should be sufficient.

2.  Don’t post too little: 

One of the ideas of using Facebook to market your business in the first place is to get your name in the minds of consumers; hopefully at the forefront.  If you post too little, you run the risk of being seen as an irrelevant source of valuable information. Posting too little also most likely means that you’re not engaging others enough either. Consistently posting 1-2 times per day at a minimum should help you avoid this problem.

3.  Don’t post all of your content at once: 

First, it’s annoying and virtually clogs up other people’s home feed.  It forces them to sort through your stuff to see content from others.  Second, even if your posts are content rich, the ROI you get from each one quickly diminishes.  People may have the opportunity to read one or two at a time but anything more will simply get lost in the always updating home feed.  Lastly, you want to remain relevant.  Make sure your business is represented on Facebook by spreading out the time between each post and as always, engage.

4.  Study your best times to post:

Pay attention to the times of day and the types of posts that result in the most engagement.  You may find that certain types of posts get more engagement at certain times of the day than others and you want to make sure that you are exploiting this with strategic posts in these time-slots.

5.  Tag only relevant people in posts/pictures:

Do:  A local celebrity visits your establishment and takes a photo with you.  Definitely post the photo to promote your business and tag the local celebrity so they can see it too; and hopefully share it with their large number of friends.

Don’t:  Tag a local celebrity in a picture about your business just because you’re trying to get their attention.

Tagging people is a great way to encourage engagement if it’s sincere.  Tagging inappropriately is viewed as weak and desperate.   It’s Facebook spam and people don’t like it.

6.  Make it About Others:

If you want people to engage you and share your information, you’re going to have to make it about them.  For example, posting (and tagging) a picture of you with a special/new/loyal client, boasting about the achievement of a regular customer, local business, local athlete or scholar, or participating in a local fundraising activity or charity event helps your page in a number of ways. One of the most beneficial is that this type of content usually gets shared around; increasing your reach.  It’s your business and that should remain your primary focus but there’s no harm in involving others and letting them help spread the word about you in return.

7.  Be careful what you post:

With NorCalPulse.com, we don’t post about political, religious or other sensitive topics.  It is an entertainment website.  I have my own views about a lot of things as do others who have associations with the website but the website is not about pushing any political views.  It’s not worth the risk of offending our users (and we love entertainment and are, ‘eh’ on politics anyway).  The point is, your opinions do reflect those of your business so it’s probably best if you keep that kind of stuff to your personal page, between you and friends or to yourself.  For more on this, read my post on the memory of the internet.

Here’s to Your Success!

Colby Keeler

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